AlgiSys Selects MBI to Lead the Commercialization of its Omega-3 EPA Oil Project

CLEVELAND, OHIO, August 15, 2010: AlgiSys—a biotechnology company focused on producing omega-3 fatty acids from algae for the supplement, food & beverage, animal feed, and pharmaceutical industries—has selected MBI (Michigan Biotechnology Institute) to lead the commercialization of its Omega-3 EPA oil project.

AlgiSys has developed a unique manufacturing process to grow, harvest, and process algae for the production of omega-3 fatty acids and high protein biomass. Together MBI and AlgiSys have completed the derisking phase proving the viability of the AlgiSys EPA Omega-3 Algal strains. Dr. James Wynn and MBI will lead the strain optimization and process development to allow AlgiSys to launch commercial manufacturing.

“AlgiSys is pleased to partner with MBI, a biotech accelerator with a proven track record of derisking biobased technologies,” said AlgiSys CEO Michael LoPresti. “MBI’s capabilities in derisking biobased technologies are critical to the advancement of our Omega-3 EPA oil project.”

Dr. Wynn is MBI’s Director of Biobased Technology Derisking. Wynn, whose background is in microbial physiology, molecular biology and fermentation development, has 19 years’ experience working on the production of commercially important metabolites by a host of microbial systems (bacterial, fungal, and algal). His work has encompassed production of plant hormones, insecticides, mycotoxins, omega-3 fatty acids, and therapeutic proteins.

“AlgiSys is developing a truly ground-breaking product,” said Wynn. “Using a “non-GMO” fermentation-based approach to produce EPA-rich oil, this technology has enormous potential human health benefits. It is MBI’s mission to help nascent technologies such as this to make the successful transition from promising laboratory finding to a world-changing commercial technology.”

Before joining MBI, Wynn worked for Martek Biosciences, where he was a Principal Scientist and Project Leader responsible for a number of projects including the process development for arachidonic acid (a nutritional oil product included in more than 90% of infant formulas in the USA) and the production of therapeutic proteins by an algal platform. Wynn’s project leadership experience includes managing diverse multidisciplinary projects and collaborations with external academic and industrial partners. Wynn received his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Biology from the University of Wales, and his Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the University of Hull.

MBI is both a premier multidisciplinary center sought out by industry partners for unique derisking capabilities—and a mission-inspired 501(c)(3) not-for-profit that collaboratively accelerates the commercialization of biobased technologies. MBI is known for pioneering derisking, a process that quickly and cost-effectively fails flawed technologies while accelerating viable ones through a stage-gated innovation process. Lansing, Michigan-based MBI engages with universities, research institutions and corporations to develop sustainable fuels, chemicals, food and feed. Collaborators have included DuPont, Genomatica and Novozymes. MBI has also worked with Michigan State University and Cargill to develop PLA, the first biodegradable polymer in global use. Technologies developed at MBI are recognized and trusted worldwide. Learn more at

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