AlgiSys Develops Proprietary Technology to Commercially Produce All Natural EPA Omega-3 Oils from Algae

AlgiSys Develops Proprietary Technology to Commercially Produce High Quality, All Natural, EPA Rich Omega-3 Oils from Algae

CLEVELAND, OHIO, February 8, 2015: Algisys is a Bio-tech company producing Omega-3 Fatty acids, primarily EPA from micro-algae for heart and joint health. The Omega-3 Market globally is a $32B Market projected to grow to $36B by 2016. AlgiSys has raised over $6MM for the commercial scale up of its Algal technology achieving all targeted milestones. “It is now time to publicly introduce AlgiSys to the market”.

 EPA is a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid, or “good fat”, that has clinically proven cardiovascular system and joint health benefits. AlgiSys’ environmentally sustainable products can replace or enhance EPA omega-3 oils derived from the world’s primary, but diminishing sources of fish oil. Furthermore, current dietary sources of EPA are inadequate relative to daily recommended levels. AlgiSys’ vegetarian EPA oils can be quickly adopted by customers because they mirror existing conventional fish and non-fish-sourced oils.

 AlgiSys has been performing its technology development and scale-up work through technical collaborations with several world-class partners including Michigan Biotechnology Institute (“MBI”) and several Internationally Renowned European based research facilities. Michael LoPresti, CEO and Co-Founder said, “By using the Company’s core expertise, these collaborators are helping to accelerate efforts necessary for commercialization of the Company’s technology”.

 Dr. James Wynn at MBI, who is leading the commercial development work commented; “Using a “non-GMO” fermentation-based approach to produce EPA-rich oil has enormous potential human health benefits, AlgiSys is developing a truly ground-breaking product.” said Wynn “AlgiSys provides high levels of sterility and process control, which will produce a purer and more consistent algae product”. It is MBI’s mission to help nascent technologies such as this to make the successful transition from promising laboratory finding to a world-changing commercial technology.”

Proven Biotech Production Model

AlgiSys uses proven fermentation and downstream processing technology to efficiently scale and accelerate the production of EPA oil at commercial levels. COO, George Antoon stated, “AlgiSys is using a cost effective and proven process in manufacturing Omega-3 oils, this is in contrast to more expensive, unproven and less efficient open-pond and photo-bioreactor approaches.” AlgiSys’ business model also requires less initial capital to set up production. They plan to either, lease available equipment and space, or have companies manufacture for them on a contracted basis.

 Mr. LoPresti, added, “AlgiSys has made significant progress developing our EPA Omega-3 oils with minimal investments. Our predecessor and Industry pioneer, Martek Biosciences, spent significant amounts of capital and time developing its DHA Omega-3 technology to get where we are now. Martek was the leader in the algae-based DHA Omega-3 industry that was eventually sold to DSM for over $1 Billion. We would be pleased to follow in their success.”

Michael Finn, AlgiSys Director commented "The multi-billion dollar Omega-3 market continues to grow at double digit levels worldwide. As the vast majority of Omega-3 production comes from fish, a supply problem looms. Worldwide demand for fish based products is significantly straining supply." Mr. Finn continued, "This scenario begs for a non-fish based supply of Omega-3 to meet future demand. AlgiSys provides an algal based source of Omega-3 that meets the worldwide need for a green, sustainable, vegan solution." 

Key industry Dynamics and Growth Projections:

  • The global omega-3 market size (end products in packaged format) is estimated to be $32 billion and is projected to grow to $36 billion by 2016. Source: Packaged Facts

  • EPA/DHA omega-3 fatty acids were the third fastest growing supplement between 2007 and 2012 with an average annual growth rate of 12%. Source: Nutraceuticals World 2013

  • The increased demand for omega-3s has resulted in fish oil supply constraint and pricing increases. This suggests the growing demand for omega-3s will outpace the current fish oil supply sources. The excess demand creates a unique opportunity for alternative omega-3 sources, such as algae, to meet the growing demand. Source: NutraIngredients-USA 2013

     AlgiSys is in discussions with contract manufactures and customers in the United States and Globally. They are interested in pursuing all opportunities with potential investors, licensing partners and other business partners looking to expand their role in this growing multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.


Contact: Michael LoPresti, CEO, at, or Ph: 440.749.0510.

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