AlgiSys Scores Game-Changing Patent for Production of EPA Oil from Algae

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE      June 1, 2015                               

AlgiSys Scores Game-Changing Patent for Sustainable, Commercial Production of EPA Omega-3 Oils from Algae

CLEVELAND, OH. — June 1, 2015: AlgiSys today announced it has been awarded a composition of matter patent from the USPTO, giving the company broad control over the sustainable production of EPA omega-3 fatty acids from a naturally EPA-rich algal species.

 “In order to produce commercially viable EPA omega-3 oils from microalgae, it is necessary to have an organism that simultaneously produces sufficient quantities of both oil and EPA” said Dr. Charles Roe, Chief Technology Officer of AlgiSys.

AlgiSys has been working on the development of an algal species, creating culture conditions that meet these requirements and allows for the economical production of an all-natural, vegan source of high-quality omega-3 oils. AlgiSys expects to begin producing product within the next 12 months.

 “This patent is extremely valuable, as the Omega-3 market is a multi-billion dollar business that continues to grow globally. EPA omega-3 is one of the critical components found in today’s fish oil products. There was no sustainable, natural source for oils rich in this omega-3 fatty acid alone—until now,” said AlgiSys CEO, Michael LoPresti.

 The global market for omega-3 is an astonishing $32 billion and is projected to grow to $36 billion, by 2016. Algisys’ initial research phase has been successfully completed and the company is currently forming fruitful relationships with industry partners to take this high-value product to market.

 “At MBI, we work to help innovative companies take their groundbreaking technologies from the research lab to the marketplace. It has been a real pleasure working with AlgiSys, helping them take this game-changing, sustainable technology to point of production. The proprietary AlgiSys EPA-oil has tremendous potential benefits as a sustainable, vegetable-based source of this critical nutritional compound, both for human and animal health applications,” said James Wynn, Director of Biobased Technology Derisking at MBI.

 Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to human health and nutrition and play critical roles in normal body functions, from controlling blood clotting, to reducing inflammation, to building cell membranes in the brain. EicosaPentaenoic Acid, or EPA, is a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid clinically proven to fight the effects of ageing as well as promote cardiovascular and joint health. Since the human body does not naturally produce omega-3 fatty acids, it is important that our diets are rich in these nutrients.

AlgiSys LLC is a biotech company producing Omega-3 Fatty Acids, primarily EPA, from micro-algae for heart and joint health. AlgiSys uses proven fermentation and downstream processing technology to efficiently scale and accelerate the production of EPA oils at commercial levels. Learn more about AlgiSys at