AlgiSys’ Algae-based Technology Improves Human and Animal Health

Cleveland Ohio, July 22, 2021

AlgiSys’ Algae-based Technology Improves Human and Animal Health

Fish Oil’s Omega-3 EPA Role in Lowering Heart Attack Risk Confirmed by Lancet Medical Journal Research Study

A recent study published by a consortium of eight universities in The Lancet medical journal concerning the

effect of omega-3 fatty acids on cardiovascular outcomes confirms the significance of AlgiSys’ technology.

The study was a systematic review and meta-analysis which showed that “Omega-3 fatty acids reduced

cardiovascular mortality and improved cardiovascular outcomes. The cardiovascular risk reduction was

more prominent with EPA monotherapy than with EPA+DHA.” The AlgiSys algae-based EPA patented

process is a crucial solution to improving human health.

After a review of the study, AlgiSys’ Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Charles Roe, recommended, “We have

long suspected EPA’s prominent role in reducing or preventing cardiovascular disease, and this study

confirms EPA’s impact. While the EPA and DHA components of omega-3 oils can be incredibly beneficial for

health, the current resources that provide them can supply far below the demand if the population kept up

with the recommended daily dose of these compounds. Fish populations are the primary source of EPA.

Their very existence continues to endure relentless overfishing and unprecedented climate change. Our

sustainable algae-based manufacturing process is positioned to become a vital, cost-effective, and

steadfast supply of EPA that can replenish fish oil globally.”

The study, which included 38 randomized control trials, highlighted the specific cardiovascular benefits of

EPA. While many fish oil supplements have both EPA and DHA, based on the perceived benefits of the

combination of omega-3s, the study showed lower mortality rates and improved cardiovascular health

when EPA was administered alone, in the absence of DHA.

Jack Staley, Board Chair, further noted, “The crisis of overfishing is only becoming more urgent by the day.

With greater awareness of the EPA’s role in human health and increasing demand, the problem of

worldwide depleted fish species is only going to get worse. Our product provides a cost-effective and

environmentally friendly solution, which can dramatically improve human health while preserving marine

wildlife and ecosystems.” Watch their introductory video HERE.

About AlgiSys - AlgiSys is a disruptive BioFoodTech company with patented microalgae-based omega-3 and

protein solutions for multiple high-growth markets. AlgiSys uses commercial fermentation technology to

produce EPA and plant protein from algae sustainably. AlgiSys’ all-natural, non-GMO products are a fully

traceable and complete technology solution that can replace fish oil and fishmeal as a source for human

nutrition, pet and animal health, and aquaculture. Learn more about AlgiSys on their website

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