Learn More About The Technology Powering The Future of EPA and Plant Protein Production

Learn more about the optimized technology that AlgiSys is using to bring sustainable algae produced EPA oil and green protein to the mainstream market.

Not All Algae Production Methods Are
Created Equal

AlgiSys has performed years of research and development in order to derive an economically viable, sustainable, and all natural approach to algal EPA oil production.

AlgiSys Utilizes The Tech With Highest Yield

While the EPA and DHA components of omega-3 oils can be incredibly beneficial for for health, the current resources that provide them can supply far below the demand if the population were keeping up with the recommended daily dose of these compounds. The featured chart demonstrates the amount of fish in thousands of tons that would be required to supply the appropriate amount of EPA and DHA that are suggested by three highly respected health sources.

Algae Fermentors

Algae fermentation production methods are not new to the market. The production process is commonly called heterotrophic fermentation within the scientific community and holds the record for highest output of oils and biomass by growing algae in the dark allowing it to convert sugars into the desired product.