AlgiSys Makes The World Cleaner By Taking The "Fish" Out of "Fish Oil"

With the advent of our new proprietary strains of algae, there is no need to over-fish our oceans to keep up with the demand for Omega-3 fish oil.

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Over A 7 Year Period, AlgiSys Produces This Environmental Impact:

Peruvian Anchovies Saved



CO2 Emissions Reduced



Marine Fuel Reduction



Demand Has Exceeded Our Ocean’s Ability To Supply Omega-3 Oils

While the EPA and DHA components of Omega-3 oils can be incredibly beneficial for for health, the current resources that provide them can supply far below the demand if the population were keeping up with the recommended daily dose of these compounds. The featured chart demonstrates the amount of fish in thousands of tons that would be required to supply the appropriate amount of EPA and DHA that are suggested by these three highly respected health sources.

The True Capacity

Fish populations are plummeting…fast. According to Save Our Seas, 75 percent of the world’s fish populations are removed faster than they can reproduce, 80 percent of that is completely exploited, and about 90 percent of all large predatory fish (i.e. tuna, sharks, cod) have vanished. Scientists now believe that fisheries will collapse by 2050 if current practices continue. The sourcing of Omega-3 and its components from the conventional method of fish is not only unsustainable, but could completely decimate entire natural populations of integral fish species.

While cultured fish farms may be an immediate answer, the Omega-3 that is harvested from fish from facilities like these are reduced by half every five years.

Replacing The Old With The New

By utilizing algae to produce the components of Omega-3 such as EPA, it not only helps reduce the CO2 that is emitted by fishing boats while catching fish to make "fish oil".

By replacing the current method of producing omega-3 fatty acids with algae you prevent the destruction of 16 million metric tons of fish per year.

The Time To Make A Change Is Now

The destruction to our planet caused by over fishing is only escalating, new unique solutions such as utilizing the power of algae are desperately needed in order to restore the natural balance and create a positive impact.