Environmentally Focused Algal Omega-3 EPA Company Continues to Attract Top Talent

According to Save Our Seas, 75 percent of the world’sfish populations are removed faster than they can reproduce, 80 percent of thatis completely exploited, and about 90 percent of all large predatory fish (i.e.tuna, sharks, cod) have vanished. Scientists now believe that fisheries willcollapse by 2050 if current practices continue.

“Alternativesto fish sources for omega-3 products must be found as the market is expected togrow to $57 billion by 2025,” states L. Jack Staley, Sr. a veteran of the globalbanking, financial services, and investment banking industries, “thedestruction to our planet caused by overfishing and the depletion of our fishstocks is escalating, new unique solutions such as utilizing the power of algaeare desperately needed in order to restore the natural balance and create apositive impact.”

Mr.Staley has joined the AlgiSys team in the pursuit of protecting the worldsnatural resources and improving human and animal health. His backgroundincludes roles as Chairman of SGS AG Wealth Management Company, Zurich;Executive Director of Prudential Financial and Dryden Wealth Management Zurichand London and Asia; GM of Bankers Trust New York Corporation, Zurich; TheBoston Company in Boston and London and Chase-Lincoln First Bank. Jack holds anMBA in Finance from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He serves as aBoard Member of Tufts Medical Center, Prescribers Choice, Vice Chairman of TheChildren’s Diagnostic and Treatment Center, and other charity Boards.

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About the Company: AlgiSys LLC, an Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)company produces EPA omega-3 products from microalgae, replacing fish itsprimary source. AlgiSys is creating an environmentally sustainable andeconomically viable source for high quality, all natural, omega-3 EPA andplant-based vegan protein with 7 international patents.